Did this individual act in a sexually predatory

and/or a pedophilic manner?

Read Below and VOTE.

  • Mr. Medetsky gyrated his genitals towards his girlfriend, snapped his fingers and said “shake that, shake that thang” in front of children. 
  • Mr. Medetsky inappropriately discussed with children the shape, size, firmness, etc., of the buttocks of women in the street and compare them to different Hollywood starlets' buttocks. 
  • Mr. medetsky inappropriately said to his girlfriend, in front of children, that he like his balls hot and that she makes his balls hot.
  • Mr. Medetsky inappropriately demanded pictures of minor children.
  • Mr. Medetsky inappropriately gave hickeys (love bites that leave a red mark) to his girlfriend and then showed it proudly to children. 
  • Mr. Medetsky inappropriately participated in bringing a child back over two hours late after her visitation to the custodial parent without prior consent.
  • Mr. Medetsky inappropriately discussed with his girlfriend male body parts in front of children. 
  • Mr. Medetsky inappropriately bad mouthed, libeled and slandered a parent of the children.